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ICONICA International Conference 2020

ICONICA International Conference 2020
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  Dated: 13/01/2020
1. 26/02/2024URGENT: Reg. financial stakes of the University in any start-up company and the information regarding charges/rentals from a start-up/company
2. 13/02/2024Status report of active Professors' Emeritus (Annexure 1).
3. 12/02/2024National Conference on Biotechnological Innovation for Societal Applications, 2024 at Gujarat Biotechnology University, Gandhinagar.
4. 09/02/2024Vice-Chancellor's Awards for the Outstanding faculty members
5. 06/02/2024Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Ph.D. Research Excellence
6. 31/01/2024Extension of deadline for submission of applications for award of Panjab University fellowship for Ph.D 2023.
7. 19/01/2024DATE EXTENDED: Applications for the post of Full time DPIIT-IPR Chair Professor at Panjab University, Chandigarh (31-01-2024).
8. 16/01/2024Call for Proposals Scheme for Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration (SPARC) Phase III.
9. 05/01/2024DATE EXTENDED: Applications for the positions at PU-IIT Ropar RAHI. Last date for application 23-01-2024.
10. 05/01/2024Flyer of the NEP Orientation & Sensitization programme from 22/01/2024 to 31/01/2024 - MMTTC, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, Punjab.
12. 21/12/2023Call for award of Panjab University fellowship for Ph.D - 2023.
13. 19/12/2023Call for R&D Innovation proposals at PI-RAHI
14. 19/12/2023Applications for the positions at PU-IIT Ropar RAHI. Last date for application -05-01-2024
15. 19/12/2023Applications for the post of Full time DPIIT-IPR Chair Professor at Panjab University, Chandigarh.
16. 08/12/2023Invitation to Participate in the Sixth International Conference on BRICS Development and Governance on March 6-8, 2023.
17. 07/12/2023URGENT: One day seminar on "Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery: Applications and Challenges" on December 8, 2023 at Seminar Hall, BMS Block -II, PU, South Campus.
18. 04/12/2023Advertisement for the post of Raja Jwala PrasadPost-Doctoral Fellowship from BHU.
19. 20/11/2023 Invitation to Participate in the Sixth International Conference on BRICS Development and Governance
20. 17/11/2023Application form & Advertisement for the position of Vice-Chancellor of Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Anand, Gujarat .
21. 07/11/2023Conduct a workshop cum training program to write effective Research grant proposals for seeking grants from Govt Funding Agencies ie DST DBT,ICSSR, SERB, AICTE etc During 6th, 7th and 8th November 23.
22. 28/10/2023CLUSTER_LOGO_CONTEST_RAHI (CLOSING DATE: 15.11.2023)
23. 26/10/2023Advertisement for the Post of Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/Chief Operating Officer (COO)
24. 21/09/2023Inviting applications for the various teaching positions in Maharaja Ranjit Singh Punjab Technical University,Dabwali Road, Bathinda, Punjab
25. 20/09/2023ICSSR North-Western Regional Centre, P.U. Chandigarh Seminar Grant proposals for the year 2023-24.
26. 20/09/2023ICSSR North-Western Regional Centre, P.U. Chandigarh Study Grant Scheme for the year 2023-24.
27. 15/09/2023Date Extended: Hari Ram Arora and Bhajan Kaur Arora Medals for ‘Best Paper’ 2023.
28. 30/08/2023Proposal for Multi-disciplinary Education and Research Universities.
29. 28/08/2023Regarding Budget estimate for proper utilization and maintenance of high end equipments.
30. 28/08/2023Opportunity to attend SET-FEST Conference 2023 on 12-13 October,2023.
31. 22/08/2023Pradhan Mantri Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (PM-USHA) Guidelines.
32. 22/08/2023Pradhan Mantri Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (PM-USHA) Objectives Summary.
33. 22/08/2023Pradhan Mantri Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (PM-USHA) Chairpersons/Deans Activities.
34. 18/07/2023Inviting proposals for Research and Development Projects for the year 2023-24.
35. 13/06/2023Applications for the post of Full time DPIIT-IPR Chair Professor at Panjab University, Chandigarh
36. 02/06/2023Final List of Interest 2022-2023 UGC & Non-UGC
37. 11/05/2023The Hon'ble Prime Minister's address webcast on May 11, 2023, from 11:00 a.m. on the occasion of National Technology Day
39. 04/05/2023AIU-INIHE Webinar on Fostering Knowledge Ecosystem “Role of universities in India and USA -A comparative perspective by Indian diaspora".
40. 02/05/2023Financial Assistance for Short Term Research Studies, Last Date for submitting proposals is 15.06.2023.
41. 14/04/2023BROCHURE: Invitation for attending special lecture on 17th April, 2023 at 10:30 AM in Golden Jubilee Hall P.U. CHD
42. 13/04/2023Call for Papers: AICTE Sponsored IEEE International Conference on Networks, Multimedia and Information Technology (NMITCON)
43. 29/03/2023Lok Sabha Internship Guidelines-SCHEME-2023
44. 28/03/2023Invitation and call for papers to International Conference on Environment Climate Change and Renewable Energy (ICECR 2023).
45. 15/03/2023Call for Project Proposal under Fund for Improvement of S&T Infrastructure in Universities and Higher Educational Institutions (FIST) Program – 2023.
46. 06/02/2023Invitation to attend One Week FDP (ONLINE MODE) from 27th February, 2023 - 4th March, 2023
47. 09/01/2023Recruitment of Junior Research Fellow (JRF) (01 Post) in SERB-DST (CRG) PROJECT at Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh.
48. 05/01/2023DATE EXTENDED 15:03:2023:Award of Panjab University fellowship for Ph.D 2022.
50. 09/12/2022ASCI: DST sponsored Training Programme on ":General Management Programme for Women Scientists" December 12-23, 2022.
51. 05/12/2022Application Format Process of applying and evaluation matix for ICSI Gurushrestha Award
52. 21/11/2022UGC letter regarding talk on Taking Inspiration From India Educational Heritage on 22nd November, 2022 at 07:30 PM (IST).
53. 10/11/2022BOSCO Annual Essay Writing Competition 2022-23.
54. 21/10/2022REVISED & UPDATED: NEP 2020: Useful links for Indian Knowledge System and other reading material.
55. 27/09/2022Extension for submission of Ph.D theses.
56. 22/09/2022Guidelines and proforma for submission of proposal for Financial Assistance to the students for Innovative work/project.
57. 08/09/2022REVISED & UPDATED: NEP 2020: Useful links for Indian Knowledge System and other reading material.
58. 30/08/2022Brochure and Poster GIAN Online Short Term Course on Manuals of Motherhood
59. 29/08/2022M.Tech. in Food Technology at Jyothy Institute of Technology, Bangalore
60. 26/08/2022SSS -Bulk Registration (Excel format)
61. 17/08/2022Research Paper Writing Competition Subhash – Swaraj – Sarkar Jointly organized by Bharatiya Shikshan Mandal - Yuva Aayam and Research For Resurgence Foundation.
63. 12/08/2022CHASCON-2022
64. 27/07/2022MOST URGENT: Instructions/Procedure for data submission to IQAC Cell.
65. 07/07/2022Full Time Residential Summer School, 2022
66. 01/07/2022Details of Senators/Advisors to facilitate to various departments in the context of speedy admission of data for NAAC implementation on NEP.
67. 29/06/2022URGENT: Invitation for Webinar on 30th June 2022, Time: 12:00 noon onwards
68. 26/06/2022 EXIT FORM Proforma to be filled by the students/ Ph.D Scholars of your Department.
69. 16/06/2022Public notice to be placed in front of the laboratory (PURSE Programmme).
70. 16/06/2022Format of retention of Instruments under PURSE Programme.
71. 01/06/2022UGC Guidelines for establishment of Research & Development Cell
72. 27/05/2022National Level Slogan Making Competition on World Environment Day.
73. 24/05/2022MOST URGENT: Final list of Interest for the F.Y. 2021-2022 UGC
74. 24/05/2022MOST URGENT: Final list of Interest for the F.Y. 2021-2022 Non-UGC Grant
75. 11/05/2022 Online conference on NEP-2020 held on 11 May at 11:00 AM.
76. 30/04/2022Financial Assistance for Short Term Research Studies, Last Date for submitting proposals is 15.06.2022..
77. 27/04/2022Revised & updated: ATTENTION Reference NEP 2020: Useful links for Indian Knowledge System and other reading material.
78. 21/04/2022Draft recommendations of the committee constituted for planning implementation.
79. 13/04/2022One Week Online Short Term Course on Design and Development of Online Courses
80. 29/03/2022Announcement by Ministry of Mines inviting Science and Technology Project Proposals on SATYABHAMA Portal for FY 2022-23 till 15.04.2022.
81. 24/03/2022पत्रिका राजभाषा भारती में छपने के लिए .
82. 04/03/2022Reg. signature of the Chairperson and Supervisor in Ph.D thesis.
83. 25/02/2022 Invitation for Discidium 2022
84. 23/02/2022Format of undertaking for NMIC (Not manufactured in India Certificate)
85. 28/01/2022Award of Panjab University fellowship for Ph.D 2021
86. 19/01/2022Uploading of full text theses in Shodhganga, a repository of full text theses and dissertations
88. 17/12/2021Academic Integrity and Research Quality
89. 03/12/2021URGENT: Departmental Academic Integrity Panel (DAIP) to investigate allegations of plagiarism at departmental level.
90. 28/10/2021URGENT & KIND ATTENTION: Reg. PU Ph.D fellowship 2020
91. 06/10/2021URGENT: Proposals invited under DIC scheme (Details of ongoing progress and proforma of DIC PU)
92. 16/09/2021 Guidelines with regard to payment of Honorarium/Remuneration to members of various committees/experts etc.
93. 15/09/2021Kind attention: UGC guidelines to be followed in CAS promotion cases
94. 20/08/2021Haryana Vigyan and Yuva Vigyan Ratna Award Year 2021
95. 19/07/2021Financial assistance for organising the seminars, conferences and workshops during the year 2021-22.
96. 19/07/2021Financial Assistance to Research Scholars under Study Grant Scheme who are pursuing Ph.D in the field of Social Sciences for the financial year 2021-22.
97. 09/06/2021Award of Panjab University fellowship for Ph.D 2020.
98. 02/06/2021Proforma-DST iTBI (NIDHI Inclusive Technology Business Incubator)-Application Assistance-Last date 25th June, 2021
99. 21/05/2021MOST URGENT: Final list of Interest for the F.Y. 2020-2021 Non-UGC Grant
100. 21/05/2021MOST URGENT: Final list of Interest for the F.Y. 2020-2021 UGC
101. 09/04/2021Extension of Dissertation/Thesis/Golden Chances upto 31-12-2021
102. 05/04/2021Extension for submission of Ph.D synopsis.
103. 26/03/2021Guidelines for using URKUND Software.
104. 18/02/2021Collaborative Research Grants for Partnership proposals between PU and NTU, UK .Last Date is March 5, 2021
105. 25/11/2020Conduct of viva-voce of M.Phil/Ph.D students through Skype
106. 18/11/2020UGC Public Notice reg Good Academic Research Practices (GARP)
107. 09/11/2020MOST URGENT: “Deliverables and Prototypes” developed at Panjab University during the last five years .
108. 03/11/2020STARS Workshop on Grant Writing funded by the Ministry of Education.
109. 16/10/2020SOP for Research Scholars of Panjab University, Chandigarh
110. 07/10/2020Details of M.Sc./Postgraduate Course(s) wherein Res. Lab is required for Dissertation work.
111. 30/09/2020INVITATION: Virtual Inaugration of HRDC Building, South Campus, Sector 25, on October 1, 2020 (Thursday) 4:00 pm
112. 29/09/2020Award of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship for PhD Scholars in the field of Cooperation by the National Cooperative Union of India, New Delhi.
113. 04/09/2020ASCI: DST sponsored training program on 'Science Administration and Research Management'. September 28 - October 9, 2020.
114. 10/08/2020Submission of Proposal for Third Party Evaluation of Joint Research Projects under the Indo-Israel Joint Research Programme.
115. 06/08/2020Dr. Ambedkar Doctoral and Post Doctoral Fellowship, 2020-21
116. 27/07/2020Inviting proposals for the Collaborative Research Studies /Workshops/ Seminars/ Roundtables Conferences of Vice Chancellors/Anveshan: SRC
117. 09/07/2020Final List of Interest 2019-2020 UGC & Non-UGC Grant
118. 03/07/2020Japanese Government MEXT Scholarship 2021 for research students: Last date of application: 09 July 2020
119. 01/07/2020Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute programmes for the year 2020-21.
120. 29/06/2020Call for projects of the Indo-Swiss joint research programme 2020.Last Date-11 September, 2020
121. 17/06/2020Detailed information of the Vice Chancellor's address from 18/06/2020 to 23/06/2020.
122. 17/06/2020Interaction of Hon'ble Vice Chancellor with research scholars on Webex from 18/06/2020 to 23/06/2020.
123. 11/06/2020Financial Assistance for Short Term Research Studies, Last Date for submitting proposals is 15.08.2020.
124. 04/06/2020Eligibility conditions for admissions in M.Phil/Ph.D in various Departments
125. 13/05/2020Acharya Devo Bhava: Interaction on 14th May, at 12:00 noon, GOI, MHRD
126. 13/05/2020Acharya Devo Bhava
127. 20/04/2020Recommendations of Advisory Committee on dated 20/04/2020 for Faculty
128. 09/04/2020Opportunities for students and faculty to learn ICT initiatives of MHRD and UGC
129. 05/04/2020Online workshop on latest tools and techniques of online teaching.
130. 09/03/2020Vice Chancellor's Interaction with all HODs today i.e. 09/03/2020 at 3:00 p.m. onwards in VCCR.
131. 28/02/2020Schedule of All India Police meet 2020 on 03/03/2020 to 07/03/2020 in Tau Devi Lal Cricket Stadium, Panchkula,Haryana.
132. 26/02/2020Filling up of one post of Research Assistant Group-B on deputation basis.
133. 17/02/2020Call for New Economic Thought Leaders amongst Youth
134. 13/02/2020Revised Programme ICONICA-2020 (13th -14th February, 2020)
135. 04/02/2020Lecture on Ethical Issues and Concerns in Higher Education on 05.02.2020 at 3 pm in English Auditorium, Panjab University
136. 04/02/2020National Seminar on ‘Climate Emergency: No Time Left; Act Now’on 15.2.2020 at Panjab Univeristy.
137. 21/01/2020Call for Nominations- Prof. P.V. Sukhatme National Award 2020 for Lifetime Contributions and Achievements in the field of Statistics .Last Date for nomination is 17-02-2020
138. 30/12/2019Renewal of registration of Custom Duty exemption
139. 26/12/2019Gazette notification of Ministry of corporate affairs dated 28 Feb 2014 regarding CSR.
140. 26/12/2019 International Summit on Quality Indices in Higher Education (ISQIHE 2020) during 19th-21st March 2020 at Delhi Technological University, Delhi.
141. 18/12/2019Invitation for Participation in the T. N. Khoshoo Memorial Lecture & Award Function on 19-12-19 at 10:30 am in auditorium of Botany department.
142. 17/12/2019Special lectures and discussion on Society, Education and Justice by Sh. MukulKanitkar Ji at CIL SAIF Lab on December 17, 2019 at 3:50 PM
143. 11/12/2019COP+25 International Climate Action Course
144. 06/12/2019Two-day International Conference, ICONICA-2020, on "Next-Gen Paradigms in Health Care" on 13-14 February 2020.
145. 24/10/2019Programme announcement: Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute (SICI) for the second round of the year 2019-20
146. 01/10/2019Guest Lecture at PGIMER on 03/10/2019.
147. 26/09/2019Award of Panjab University fellowship for Ph.D 2019
149. 24/09/2019Submission of Legacy Cases Data on UGC-Canara Bank Scholarship Portal
150. 19/09/2019 Format for recommendation of new journal(s) in UGC-CARE List of Journals
151. 11/09/2019Proforma to be fiiled up and bring in the PIs meeting on 12/09/19 at 10:00 a.m. in UICET Auditorium.
152. 06/09/2019Plastic Waste Free Campaign (Swachhata Hi Seva 2019) from 11th September to 27th October, 2019
153. 28/08/2019Minutes to Minute Programme of Nobel Prize Series India 2019 in Punjab.
154. 08/08/2019 "World Water Summit 2019" from 21-23 August 2019, New Delhi
155. 07/08/2019Proposal for Mandatory visit of Under Graduate students in Colleges/Universities to Pushpa Gujral Science City
156. 06/08/2019Amendments in Ph.D /M.Phil Guidelines-2017 w.e.f. 28/05/19
157. 18/07/2019Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute programmes for the year 2019-20.
158. 04/07/2019INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship Scheme: a component under INSPIRE: The last date for ONLINE submission of application is 31st August 2019..
159. 01/07/2019Dr. D.C. Pavate Memorial Fellowship in Cambridge, 2020
160. 14/06/2019Scheme for the award of scholarships year 2019-20.
161. 10/06/2019Nominations for the Presidential Award of Certificate of Honour to Scholars.
162. 10/06/2019Invitation for nomination of short term IPR-Patent, Trademark & Copyrights Programs.
163. 04/06/2019Global Cooling Prize
164. 04/06/2019Joint Summer School with Stony Brooke University at UICET & Department of Geology, Auditorium.
165. 03/06/2019Requirement of a self funded research scientist aspiring to get enrolled in Ph.d program at PGIMER,Chandigarh
166. 27/05/2019Research Fellowship and Scholarship to Iraqi Professors,Assistant Professors, Lecturers and Iraqi Students.
167. 22/05/2019Panjab University Research Policy
168. 22/05/2019Panjab University Plagiarism Policy
169. 30/04/2019 Financial Assistance for Short Term Research Studies, Last Date for submitting proposals is 01.07.2019
170. 13/02/2019Fulbright-Nehru Specialist Program Announced; Deadline: April 15, 2019
171. 04/02/20192020-2021 Fulbright-Nehru, other Fulbright, and Fulbright-Kalam Climate Fellowship programs for study, research, teaching and professional development in the U.S.
172. 24/12/2018Cooperation in Horizon 2020 : Calls of Proposals Co-funded by DBT
174. 02/11/2018Amendments in UGC-Canara Canara Bank Portal for streamlining the process regarding payment of fellowship under various schemes.
175. 30/10/2018Call inviting proposals 2018-2019; Submission Deadline: 31st March 2019
176. 25/10/2018Award of Panjab University fellowship for Ph.D (2018)
177. 16/10/2018Israel Government Scholarships 2019-2020: Last date of online application:- 30.11.2018
178. 15/10/2018Scheme for Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration (SPARC) Joint collaboration proposals: Last date for proposal submission is 15th Nov. 2018
179. 12/10/2018Call for Nominations forSERB Distinguished Fellow ship 2018-19
180. 11/10/2018Women Scientist Scheme-B (WOS-B): Call for Research Proposals (2018-19): Last date of proposal submission is 5th, November, 2018
181. 09/10/2018Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute programmes for the year 2018-19.
182. 24/09/2018Submission of legacy cases data on UGC web portal upto 30.09.2018.
183. 20/09/2018PU UBS: Essay Competition to Celebrate World Maritime Day 2018.
184. 12/09/2018Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Awards, 2019: Last date for submission of entries is October 31, 2018
185. 11/09/2018 Inviting applications for ICSSR/IPE Doctoral Fellowships-2019: :Application last date is 25.09.2018
186. 06/09/2018CDTI INDIA - Opportunity for Technological Cooperation in One Health between India and Spain: Deadline for proposals: 1ST OCTOBER 2018.
187. 05/09/2018UGC 12 Plan Grant Guidelines for "Faculty Development Programme"
188. 05/09/2018UGC 12 Plan Grant Guidelines for "Publication Grant"
189. 05/09/2018UGC 12 Plan Grant Guidelines for "Establishment of Career and Counseling Cell"
190. 05/09/2018UGC 12 Plan Grant Guidelines for " Visiting Professors/Visiting Fellows".
191. 13/08/2018National Council of Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC), DST's AWSAR (Augmenting Writing Skills for Articulating Research): Last date for application submission is 30th September, 2018 .
192. 13/08/2018NRDC National Meritorious Invention Awards of the Year 2018: Last date for submission of Online application is 15th October, 2018.
193. 08/08/2018NRDC- Innovation Facilitation Centre Programme-2018: last date for proposal submission is 31 August, 2018 upto 5:30 pm.
194. 02/08/2018Call of Applications for Doctoral, Post-Doctoral and Senior Fellowships for the year 2018-19, ICSSR, New Delhi: Last date for online application is 14th August, 2018 (hard copy is 21st August, 2018).
195. 02/08/2018DST-DFG Joint Call inviting joint research proposals; Submission Deadline: 21 November 2018
196. 27/07/2018Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship opportunity for a two-week U.S. visit to learn about various facets of U.S. higher education Application Deadline: August 31, 2018.
197. 23/07/2018INSPIRE Faculty Award 2018 (Session II): The last date for ONLINE submission of application is 31st August 2018.
198. 17/07/2018Willingness to work as Expert Member in Various committees of AICTE.
199. 16/07/2018Amended Ph.D. Guidelines 2017
200. 11/07/2018Support for Enterpreneurial and Managerial Development of SMEs through Incubators
201. 05/07/20183rd Annual Internationalising the Curriculum Conference at Nottingham on Sept 21st 2018
202. 29/06/2018Dr. D.C. Pavate Memorial Fellowship in Cambridge,2019.
203. 14/06/2018BioNEST-Panjab University Announces 1st Call for Proposals Under Secondary Agriculture /Food Processing Entrepreneurial Network (SAEN) in Punjab: Last date extended till 31 July, 2018
204. 14/06/2018Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute, Programme announcement for the year 2018-19; Deadline is 27th June, 2018
205. 12/06/2018Call for proposals to the Indian Beamline at PF, KEK, Japan: Deadline 15th June, 2018
206. 11/06/2018LATERAL RECRUITMENT TO SENIOR POSITIONS IN GOVERNMENT OF INDIA (For Academics) Last date is 30th July, 2018
207. 08/06/20184th World Summit on Accreditation (WOSA 2018) from 7th to 9th September, 2018, Last Date for Online Registration: Sep 06,2018
208. 06/06/2018Newton-Bhabha Fund PhD Placements Programme 2018 - 19, Last date is 4 August, 2018
209. 06/06/2018DWIH New Delhi Poster Competition 2018- Last date is 15 July, 2018.
210. 31/05/2018SEWA Bharat Internship for Community Development at Saketri, Panchkula
211. 30/05/2018NASI-Scopus Young Scientist Awards-2018
212. 25/05/2018Migration of data relating to Scholars/Fellowships from Canara Bank branches to Institution based-UGC webportal
213. 21/05/2018 Prime Ministers Fellowship Scheme for Doctoral Research- Last Date is 25 May, 2018
214. 17/05/2018GIAN program on Nanotechnology for Waste Water Treatment: New Directions and Opportunities (NWWT-2018) at NIT Jalandhar-Last date for the registration is August 15, 2018
215. 17/05/2018AICTE - National Doctoral Fellowship scheme for 2018-19.
216. 17/05/2018The German Chancellor Fellowship for tomorrow's leaders- last date is 15 September, 2018
217. 17/05/2018DST Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy Fellowships- Last date is 10 June, 2018
218. 16/05/2018International Conference on Gender Equality- Last date is 31 July, 2018.
219. 16/05/2018Incentives for Science & Engineering Faculty from PURSE Grant II Last date is 15 June, 2018.
220. 16/05/2018IDST Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy Fellowships- Last Date is 10 June, 2018
221. 04/05/2018 United States-India Science and technology Endowment Fund: Submission dealine is 15 June, 2018
222. 03/05/2018Lecture on Ten Commandments of Health by Dr Sandeep Chhatwal on 7 May at 2.45 pm in UICET Auditorium.
223. 01/05/2018International School on Energy Systems-2018 (last date is 15 June 2018)
224. 26/04/2018Newton Fund Researcher Link Workshop Grants, India
225. 20/04/2018Project Funded Ph.D Fellowships 2018-19 at NIAS, Bengaluru: Last Date is 30 April, 2018.
226. 16/04/20187 Days workshop on Data Analytical Modeling (May 12- May 18, 2018) at GNDU, Amritsar
227. 13/04/2018Call for a PhD thesis under "Make Our Planet Grean Again" initiative at Universit de Toulouse, France: Apply before 22.04.2018
228. 10/04/2018Financial Assistance for Short Term Research Studies, Last Date for submitting proposals is 29.06.2018.
229. 27/03/2018 NCRI Doctoral Fellowship for pursuing Ph.D in Rural Studies-Last Date for apply is 28.03.2018 .
230. 08/03/2018Marie Sklodowska-Curie European Fellowship, University of Birmingham-Last date is 20th April, 2018.
231. 06/03/2018University of Birmingham India Institute Fellowship Scheme-2017-18
232. 01/03/2018Summer Fellowship awarded by Digital Identity Research Initiative (DIRI) last date for application is March 6,2018.
233. 28/02/2018Research Associates for new Agricultural Markets Project (CASI) apply by 15th March,2018.
234. 21/02/20182018 Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) for Graduate Degrees
235. 15/02/2018 Details of Fulbright-Nehru and other Fulbright Fellowships for Indian Citizens for the AY 2019-2020.Y
236. 09/02/2018Details of INFLIBNET Centre's statistical repository of Socio-Economic and Industrial data.
237. 09/02/2018Inviting Teachers/Professors to take up research from Women and Child Development schemes
238. 23/01/2018Call for Proposals -2018 under India-Iran Bilateral S&T Cooperation- Last Date for apply is February 15, 2018
239. 22/01/2018NCRI Doctoral Fellowships for pursuing PhD in Rural Studies last date for application is 25.01.2018.
240. 19/01/2018Guidelines for submission of CD of Ph.D Theses in requisite format
241. 19/01/20189th Indian Youth $cience Congress at Career Point University,Hamirpur,Himachal Pradesh from April 7-9,2018
242. 26/12/2017 Research Methods Course on Gender Rights and and Policy in Multicultural Socities-Last date for registration is 15th January, 2018
243. 15/12/2017National Specialized Training Workshop on Statistical Applications (SPSS & R-Packages) to Research Data Visulaization & Analysis at Chandigarh on 8th to 14th January,2018
244. 14/12/2017Workshop on 'Multi-scale Climate Governance in India: Understanding the Challenges and Opportunities' on 18-19 January, 2018 (Proposal submission upto 20.12.2017)
245. 14/12/2017International Conference on India Asean Partnership @ 25 on 10th February, 2018 at GITAM, Visakhapatnam- Last Date for Abstracts submission: Jan. 15, 2018
246. 13/12/2017 Chevening Gurukul Fellowship open from 15 Dec upto 28 Feb 2018
247. 12/12/2017Residential program on "Innovation & Change Management for Organisational Excellence" from 29th Jan-2nd Feb., 2018 at Port Blair
248. 12/12/201721st Punjab Science Congress on Scientific Advances for Inclusive Development and Environmental from February 7-9, 2018
249. 11/12/2017AICTE Sponsored Two Weeks Faculty Development Programme from 01st-12th January, 2018- Last date: 20 Dec. 2017
250. 11/12/2017Fulbright-Nehru International Education Administrators Seminar (IEAS)-2018-19 (Last Date-15.02.2018)
251. 11/12/2017Social Science Congress (CHASSCONG-2018) Last date for abstracts submission-10.01.2018
252. 20/11/2017SICI Announcement of Programme for the 2nd Round for Year 2017-18
253. 20/11/2017International Conference (Jointly organised by RPC PU and LSME London) on Responsible Research and Innovation in Science, Management and EducationAll headers from 4-6 April, 2018
254. 16/11/2017Commonwealth Rutherford Fellowships (UK) to support world Class Reserach and Innovation
255. 10/11/2017Post Doc opportunities and research at University of British Columbia,Canada
256. 07/11/2017ASSOCHAM- Skill India Summit- 17 November 2017- Chandigarh
257. 03/11/2017National Workshop on Small Angle X-ray Scattering (NSAXS-2017) on November 6-8,2017
258. 18/10/2017INSA Medal for Young Scientists (2018)
259. 18/10/2017CHASCON-2018, 12th Chandigarh Science Congress,Panjab university,Chandigarh
260. 18/10/2017Nominations for Haryana Vigyan Ratna Awards and Haryana Yuva Vigyan Ratna Awards for 2017 - 18
261. 12/10/2017UK-India joint research call on "Cultural Heritage and Rapid Urbanization"
262. 11/10/2017Scientific Awards and honours for the year 2017,Odisha Bigyan Academy,Bhubaneswar
263. 28/09/2017Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship (PDF)-Feb. 2018, at INST, Mohali
264. 22/09/2017Award of Panjab University fellowship for Ph.D 2017
265. 20/09/2017Residential Tarining Programme on " Digital Transformation through e-Governance" from December 18-22, 2017
266. 11/09/2017Instructions for Quality Paper Presentation in Seminars/Conferences
267. 08/09/2017National workshop on Research Methodology in Social Sciences on October 24-30,2017
268. 07/09/2017OPEN DAY OUTREACH Pre-Event program at INST on 8th September, 2017
269. 07/09/2017UGC-UKIERI call for Research Proposal 2017-18
270. 07/09/2017DST-UKIERI call for Research Proposal 2017-18
272. 23/08/2017Call for a PhD Student at University of Lille, FRANCE
273. 11/08/2017 Applications for Chevening and various other UK Fellowships open
274. 08/08/2017Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for MoU Consideration
275. 04/08/2017Newton-Bhabha Fund opportunities for Science Faculty and Ph.D Scholars
276. 28/07/2017Annual Essay Prize/Annual Decision Making/Teaching Case Study Competition-2017, IIPA, New Delhi
277. 11/07/2017VAJRA (Visiting Advanced Joint Research Faculty Scheme)
278. 10/07/2017National E-Scholarship: for various scholarship schemes of Government of India
279. 10/07/2017Rules & Application Form of Scholarship by SARBAT DA BHALA CHARITABLE TRUST
280. 06/07/2017CoRe 2017 Conversations on Research: IGIDR PhD. Colloquium 2017 November 7-10
281. 05/07/2017Registration open for GIAN course on "CULTURAL DECOLONISATION IN THE 21ST CENTURY " at HSS, NIT Durgapur, West Bengal, India
282. 30/06/2017Ph.D Guidelines 2017
283. 29/06/2017Dr. D. C Pavate Memorial Fellowship in Cambridge,2018
284. 15/06/2017UGC D.O. no. F.1-2/2016 (PS/III Amendment) 14th June 2017 regarding final list of journals for the purpose of Career Advancement Scheme(CAS)
285. 09/06/2017Nomination for prestigious awards by Indian Academy of Biomedical Sciences for promoting academic excellence
286. 07/06/2017Call for application Newton Bhabha PhD Placement Grant 2017-18
287. 07/06/2017UGC D.O. No. F.1-2/2009/(EC/PS) (Vol.II)- Last Reminder
288. 26/05/2017ICSSR inviting proposal for Seminars/Conferences/Workshops grants 2017-18
289. 26/05/2017ICSSR Financial Assistance to Research Scholars for consulting Libraries/Archives/Data Centres in India.
290. 09/05/2017Financial Assistance for Short Term Research Studies (Guidelines and Format)
291. 09/05/2017Two Week ICSSR Sponsored Capacity Building Programme for Social Science Faculty on June 1-June 14, 2017 at the University Campus, Bathinda.
292. 18/04/2017 UGC D.O. no. F.1-2/2016 (PS/III Amendment) 11th April 2017 regarding approved list of journals for the purpose of Career Advancement Scheme(CAS)
293. 12/04/2017UK Government's Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF)
294. 28/03/2017Enrolment open: AuthorAID free online course starting on 18 April 2017
295. 20/03/2017Walk-in-Interview for the post of Research Associate/Project Fellow on 27th March ,2017 at PEC, Chandigarh
296. 20/03/2017Format for sending the details re. enrollment of Ph.D. students
297. 20/03/2017Call for Papers for SICI International Conference on Engaging Canada and India: Perspectives on Sustainability on 11-12 May 2017
298. 16/03/2017RPC_IDC conference on Punjab Politics & Economy on Mar 17-18 at ICSSR PU Chd.
299. 15/03/2017Post-Doctoral Research Fellowships (August-2017 Session) , INST, Mohali.
300. 30/01/2017 INSPIRE Faculty Award 2017 Session
301. 30/01/2017Allotment of temporary (One- time applicable) Pre-registration number to applicants for PM fellowship or any such prestigious fellowship
302. 16/01/2017Fulbright-Nehru International Education Administrators Seminar (IEAS)
303. 03/10/2016Exemption from NET etc. for Panjab University Ph.Ds registred before 11-07-2009
304. 21/06/2016Proforma for Publication Fee /Charges out of the Budget Head"Improvement of Education" Sub Head D-Publication Fee/Charges
305. 26/05/2016Application form for Fellowship Under R&D Grant-in-Aid Scheme of IEI
306. 26/05/2016Guidelines for Fellowship Under R&D Grant-in-Aid Scheme of IEI
307. 25/05/2016Guidelines and Terms & Conditions for Financial Assistance for Short Term Research Studies, DST, Chandigarh Administration
308. 21/04/2016Proforma and norms for recogition of Research Centre
309. 04/04/2016Ph.D guidelines 2014
310. 22/03/2016Best Campus Write up 2016
311. 18/03/2016UGC 12 Plan Guidelines for Visiting Professors/Visiting Fellows

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